Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash - level.14+ - Things Cannot Remain the Same

The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria - Volume 07

Durarara!! - Volume 13 - Durarara!!x13

Strike the Blood - Volume 13 - The Roses of Tartarus

The Irregular at Magic High School - Volume 13 - Steeplechase Arc

He Drank, and Saw the Spider

[en] He Drank, and Saw the Spider Tor Books
Bledsoe, Alex,

Wake of the Bloody Angel

[en] Wake of the Bloody Angel Tor Books
Bledsoe, Alex,

Dark Jenny

[en] Dark Jenny Tor Books
Bledsoe, Alex,

Burn Me Deadly

[en] Burn Me Deadly Tor Fantasy
Bledsoe, Alex,

The Sword-Edged Blonde

[en] The Sword-Edged Blonde Night Shade
Bledsoe, Alex,

Bakemonogatari: Monster Tale (Part 1)

Bakemonogatari: Monster Tale (Part 2)

Bakemonogatari: Monster Tale (Part 3)

Hanamonogatari: Flower Tale

Kabukimonogatari: Dandy Tale

Kizumonogatari: Wound Tale

Koimonogatari: Love Tale

Koyomimonogatari: Calendar Tale (Part 1)

Koyomimonogatari: Calendar Tale (Part 2)

Nekomonogatari: Cat Tale (Black)