M. Il figlio del secolo

[it] M. Il figlio del secolo Giunti
Scurati, Antonio,

Der dunkle Schamane - Survival Quest

[de] Der dunkle Schamane - Survival Quest BASTEI LÜBBE
Mahanenko, Vasily,

Nine Battles to Stanley

[en] Nine Battles to Stanley Pen and Sword
Bijl, Nick van ver,

La panthère des neiges

[fr] La panthère des neiges Editions Gallimard
Tesson, Sylvain,

A Master of Deception

[en] A Master of Deception General Store Publishing House
Knuckle, Robert,

Fire and Blood: 300 Years Before a Game of Thrones (A Targaryen History) (A Song of Ice and Fire)


[it] Glamorama Giulio Einaudi Editore
Ellis, Bret Easton,

American Psycho

[it] American Psycho Bompiani
Ellis, Bret Easton,

Dictionnaire amoureux du Nord

[fr] Dictionnaire amoureux du Nord Plon
Fournier, Jean-Louis,

Baghdad Operators

[en] Baghdad Operators Pen and Sword
Glasse, James,

101 Bets You Will Always Win: The Science of the Seemingly Impossible

Wake of the Bloody Angel

[en] Wake of the Bloody Angel Tor Books
Bledsoe, Alex,

Burn Me Deadly

[en] Burn Me Deadly Tor Fantasy
Bledsoe, Alex,

The Sword-Edged Blonde

[en] The Sword-Edged Blonde Night Shade
Bledsoe, Alex,

Nicky Epstein's Signature Scarves: Dazzling Designs to Knit

The Next Big Story: My Journey Through the Land of Possibilities

La cruna dell'ago

[it] La cruna dell'ago MONDADORI
Follett, Ken,

Lo schiavo del manoscritto

[it] Lo schiavo del manoscritto Neri Pozza Editore
Ghosh, Amitav,

Il fiume dell'oppio

[it] Il fiume dell'oppio Neri Pozza
Ghosh, Amitav,

Diluvio di fuoco

[it] Diluvio di fuoco Neri Pozza
Ghosh, Amitav,